Amazon Plans 'Summer Sale' to Regain Customers Following Shipping Delays Due to Coronavirus

May 23, 2020

Amazon is hoping to get back into customers’ good graces with a “Summer Sale.”

With the pandemic driving online shopping, Amazon was doing well, but the e-commerce company couldn’t keep up with competitors like Target and Walmart, according to the New York Post.

Where Walmart and Target saw surges in sales, 74% and 141%, respectively, Amazon saw a decline from customers who reported delays in shipping.

Rakuten Intelligence, an analytics firm, found that Amazon accounted for 34% of online shopping in mid-April, down from 42% prior to the pandemic, per The New York Times.

The slight decline came on the heels of Amazon’s employees critiques about the lack of precautions and pay for essential and front-line workers, following news that Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, is on track to become the first trillionaire by 2026 largely due to sales made during COVID-19.

Since then, Amazon has been attempting to course-correct by offering warehouse workers an extra $2 an hour during the pandemic, implementing safety measures in its warehouses, adding more employees to keep up with deliveries, and removing previously implemented rules about shipping essential orders first, which caused some people to wait almost a month for orders. Most items are now offering two-day shipping.

“We know customers want their deliveries as quickly as possible, and we are working hard to return all products to faster delivery speeds while helping keep our employees safe," said Amazon spokeswoman Kate Scarpa.

And with the annual Prime Day delayed from July to September, per the Wall Street Journal, the company is hoping a “Summer Sale” will entice customers to purchase more items.

According to the Times, the sale will allow brands to sell their excess inventory.

The hope is that this marketing event will drum up purchases, much like Prime Day, which was established in 2015 to boost orders during the slower summer months.

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