Google Releases the Most Searched Drink Recipes by State

May 17, 2020

While many people remain stuck at home under quarantine, plenty have used this time to take up a new productive hobby. However, it seems the majority of people have turned to drinking in order to pass the time.

Google recently decided to release search results for the most searched cocktail recipes by state, and as it turns out, plenty of people are looking to spend this time intoxicated.

According to the results released by Google recently, the most popular drink recipe throughout the United States is an Old Fashioned.

Just like California and Arizona, the most searched drink in Texas was a Paloma. Some states seemed to take things up a notch, searching for drink recipes such as kamikazes and Bushwhackers.

While Google didn’t release the number of times these recipes were searched, they did include some other interesting recent search facts. Searches for comfort food reached a high worldwide.

While some states seem to be more creative drinkers than others, it’s clear that people in every state are using this time to try out some new drinks. At least people are trying new things.

Via Bro Bible

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