Katy Perry Compares Risqué Moment in 'Cozy Little Christmas' to 'Teenage Dream'

Backstage at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash

December 8, 2019

When Katy Perry took the stage at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash on Saturday, she emerged from a giant Christmas ornament alongside her backup singers, who were dressed like life-size presents, and her band who donned pink nutcracker outfits. 

Perry acknowledged that she was the definition of “extra,” but justified her Christmas spirit by explaining that CVS, Walgreens, and other drugstores were allowed to sell Christmas trees in October, so she was allowed to fully embrace the holidays. 

But Perry’s whimsical set didn’t need explaining. After all, it’s part of her “25 Days of Cozy,” just like her recent holiday tune, “Cozy Little Christmas.”

Backstage the pop star revealed a little bit more about the quirky music video which finds her bathing in a peppermint martini, sunbathing with Santa, and getting a massage from a reindeer. “The premise of the music video is ‘what does Santa do to relax after he’s done with his big job, right?’” she explained.

“Well, he gets a massage, and who gives it to him? Rudolph! He gives me one as well," she said.

Perry even admitted that the video takes a bit of a risqué turn.

"I did give a little bit of a crack,” she said giving the camera a wink as the host noted that it was a “tasteful crack.”

Perry said the moment was the equivalent of “toe cleavage,” adding that “it was as much as I ever gave on 'Teenage Dream,' okay?”

"Teenage Dream" was released a decade ago and featured a colorful Perry completely naked on a cloud. 

The "Small Talk" singer also gave advice to friend and collaborator Charlie Puth, who is currently renting her fiancee Orlando Bloom’s house and admitted that she’s not a huge fan of “smart gadgets.” Watch more from Katy Perry below, and see more of our coverage of the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash here.

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