MyMusicRx-clusive: The Jonas Brothers Tell Mia Where They Want to Be

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December 5, 2019

RADIO.COM has teamed up with the Children’s Cancer Association and MyMusicRX, to bring questions from kids facing cancer or other serious illnesses directly to their favorite artists. Music’s biggest stars like Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Marshmello, and more each took time to answer these amazing young people, and we’re proud to share it with you.

Via video, we connect them for an exclusive personal response. It all happens with the help of MyMusicRX, who for over 24 years has provided one-on-one music experiences just like this to relieve some of the stress and anxiety of being in the hospital.

Mia’s question was for the Jonas Brothers. The 11-year-old asked the trio, “if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?”

“I would definitely like to be somewhere on a beach right now,” Joe Jonas replies. “That’d be kinda nice.”

“I’m gonna go with the mountains,” Nick Jonas adds. “I like being in the snow. Kinda the opposite of Joe. I love the mountains so I’d be maybe in Colorado somewhere.”

“I’ll pick a city. I want to go to Paris,” says Kevin Jonas.

“Paris France or Texas?” asks Joe.

“Paris, France. It’s such a beautiful city. Food's great, people are awesome.”

You can watch the full video of Mia and the Jonas Brothers above, and stay tuned for more videos this week from MyMusicRX and the Children’s Cancer Association.

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You can find more information, get involved, and donate to the Children’s Cancer Association here.

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