Natasha Bedingfield on the Meaning Behind 'Kick It' and Her First Brush With Nicki Minaj

Her fourth album ‘Roll With Me’ is out August 30

August 2, 2019

Natasha Bedingfield is back with a new soaring single and her first album in almost a decade.

“Kick It” is the latest sample of Roll With Me. The LP is due out on August 30 and is the singer’s first in 9 years.

“To me it means, hang out with me” Bedingfield tells RADIO.COM about her upcoming release in the exclusive interview above. “The album is really fun. It’s energetic. It’s about making people feel moved, or moving them.”

As she recorded Roll With Me, she put the songs through a movement test, trying to find the groove in each of the tracks. “I’m like, ‘how am I moving to this?’ It’s got to make you feel something.”

“Kick It” is the latest taste of Roll With Me. It comes packed with hope and reality, looking past the problems in a relationship to something stronger.

“I love that it’s about making it work, making a relationship work” smiles Bedingfield. “I’ve been married now for over 10 years. I know about this.
I know that it takes work.”

“Both sides have to give a lot. That means really taking time to hang out with someone but also, if you’re doing something not good, you stop it. It’s kinda both, from both sides," she continues. “And I love when there’s double meanings on songs.”

With Bedingfield back with her first album in almost a decade, we asked about some of the interesting experiences she's had along the way.

"My manager got a call from the label saying, 'Hey we've got the next Lady Gaga. We're wrapping her album up, she's gonna be the biggest artist in the whole world. She's just about to finish her album but, she's a big fan and she'd really like to have you on one of the songs.'"

Despite being on tour, Bedingfield stopped in Detroit at Eminem's studio to record her part for this "next Lady Gaga." That artist was something entirely different though, she was Nicki Minaj, and uniquely her own.

"It ended up going on her album, it's a song called 'Last Chance'" Natasha says as her face lights up. "It is one of my favorite things to see, artists before it all takes off for them. It does feel like there's a certain feeling you get when you know that they're gonna be successful, and it's wonderful when you're right isn't it? You're like, yes! I knew that!"

For more from Natasha Bedingfield, check out the full interview above. Roll With Me is out everywhere on August 30.