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RECAP: 'Game of Thrones' Premieres Tonight so Where are Our Favorite Characters?

April 14, 2019

It's here!

'Game of Thrones' will premiere Sunday night and thirsty GOT fans have waited two long years to see who dies, who lives..and honestly, who dies in the series that started in 2011. Not only has the series spawned special wine and beer for sale, but it's boosted tourism for spots like Northern Ireland, Iceland and spots in Croatia and Morocco.

Who knew the HBO show that killed off our former and favorite main character, Ned Stark, in Season 1 could be so addicting and tell us an age-old story about a battle for a throne, kingdoms, love, and respect?

Don't get us started on Season 7 and its time holes and lack of cohesive story-telling....we miss George R. R. Martin's literary guidance.

Let's recap where some of our favorite characters are ahead of Season 8 (spoilers ahead!):


Right, we know she sleeps with her nephew and she has a tremendous entrance on her dragon, you know, to show off to Cersei, Jaime and all the others who did not want to believe the dragons were real. Dany, will you sit on the Iron Throne?


Jon, Jon, Jon. You do not know that Daenerys is your aunt and you unknowingly hook up with her on a boat. He's on his way to Winterfell (finally, people!) to start the war against the perpetually dead White Walkers. Jon keeps his iconic pouting on point too.


Guys, these sisters need to go to therapy. Sansa finds the death masks that Arya has been using to kill various enemies on her hit-kill-list and Arya is just more serious and grown-up. Who will she kill in Season 8? Bran is officially the creepy Three-Eyed Raven and knows of Jon's secret ancestry. So does Sam, Jon's bestie.


Using his love for knowledge and with some help from Bran, Sam discovers Jon's secret ancestry and who his parents really are. We can't wait for everyone to find out.



All her kids are dead and her lover/brother has left her. She may be pregnant, she may not be. We will find out. She also bands together with somewhat hottie/mad man Euron Greyjoy and his massive fleet of ships to covertly take over the world of George R. R. Martin after the dragons and everyone else dies. Right, ok.


Jaime and Bronn are readying for an EPIC battle, people. There's some deep discussion with his bestie on a battlement and then they both see the Dothraki enter the scene, yelling and whooping with the Unsullied already standing in rows, all lined up. This is after Jaime has already left his crazy, delusional sister/lover Cersei in Kings Landing. Game on.


We see a bit of Tyrion's diplomatic skills return when he reunites with Bronn, Pod, Brienne and others and they all show up to wait for Dany and her dragons. He gives a speech, yada yada, Tyrion, we missed this about you!

There's also a witty exchange with semi-heartthrob Pod aka Podrick Payne and Tyrion we are here for.

Other reunions we loved: Brienne of Tarth and the Hound talking about Arya; the Hound and the Mountain, guys, guys. Fans better ready to see the Hound kick the Mountain back to hell.

And don't forget the dead zombie dragon, Viserion.

Cue the "Game of Thrones" intro music.

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