Charlie Puth Debuts New "The Way I Am" Music Video

The first song off Puth's 'Voicenotes' album now has some visuals

July 10, 2018
6/9/2018 - Charlie Puth during Capital's Summertime Ball with Vodafone at Wembley Stadium, London. This summer's hottest artists performed live for 80,000 Capital listeners at Wembley Stadium at the UK's biggest summer party.

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Charlie Puth tweeted the release of his video for the first song off of his Voicenotes album, "The Way I Am," to his 2.5 million followers:

The new video accompanying the Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal"-esque track, "The Way I Am," opens up with a very 90's vibe and even includes a crying scene with Puth himself. It's currently the No. 5 trending video on YouTube, and rightfully so. Charlie Puth is somewhat known for his new-age walking bass sound. The "disco" era is something Puth says he's "somewhat obsessed" with. 

Watch Puth's new music video for "The Way I Am" right here: