Bebe Rexha Flies Home to Reconcile With Dad After His Disappointment Over Racy “Last Hurrah” Video

The singer's new video isn't sitting well with her family

February 27, 2019
Bebe Rexha. 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center


Bebe Rexha has taken some recent hits that are trying to chip away at her body positivity and radiating confidence. After struggling to get designers to dress her for the GRAMMYs, the singer is now taking heat from her own father.

Despite his good intentions that were likely fueled by a genuine desire to protect his daughter, Bebe’s dad set the internet in flames when she shared a screenshot of his reaction to her risqué “Last Hurrah” video. In a now-deleted post, a photo of their text conversation showed that he called the video "pornography" and admitted he felt both upset and ashamed by how she portrayed herself.

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Bebe is urging fans to go easy on her father and says she regrets posting the screenshot. What was meant as harmless sarcasm from the singer has left fans bashing her dad for his reaction.

“My fans are getting a little too intense, so I yelled at my fans… My dad is always my dad no matter what,” she tells TMZ on her way home to try and patch things over with her family.

“Family is family,” she finishes after defending him and hoping to end their 2-week streak of not speaking to each other.