Monsta X and Steve Aoki Share English Version of Hit “Play It Cool”

Listen to the translated remix

March 22, 2019

Steve Aoki is diving into his love of K-pop with another collab with Monsta X. The perfect duo is revisiting their hit song “Play It Cool,” coming back with an English version of the track that originally appeared on Monsta X’s Take. 2 We Are Here.

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After its February 18, 2019 release, Steve Aoki knew he wanted the track to be able to reach the world. Their new version helps expand it to a global audience by translating it to English, building off of the worldwide takeoff of K-pop. The song still flows as well as the original version and presents a catchy chorus that leads into Aoki’s characteristic EDM beats.

“Monsta X is one of those powerhouse groups that sets the bar very high,” Steve Aoki praised in a press release. The pair commented on how great it was to work together, with Monsta X concluding by dedicating the song to their passionate Monbebe fanbase.

"After the great success of the Korean version, we can't wait to see the responses to the English version from all over the world. This collab is a gift from us to our 'monbebe' , for always taking care of us and keeping it cool. Thank you."

In our exclusive interview with the group, Monsta X gave another gift to their Monbebe by answering their burning questions. Watch below!