Sunday Parkways presented by Kaiser Permanente

Northeast Portland Route
Northeast Portland Route
Portland, OR 97211
United States

Event Description:

Kaiser Permanente is prescribing a bike ride to THRIVE this summer. Bike, walk, or run at this month’s Sunday Parkways, presented by Kaiser Permanente.

Sunday Parkways takes place in nearly a dozen neighborhoods across Portland. On the given day for each event, the city closes a route of selected streets to auto traffic between 11 am and 4 pm. This gives you and your family a chance to walk, ride, or roll down the street safely while getting to know your city better.

All good parties must come to an end, but we intend to have fun up until the end! That’s why we will end the year with an exploration of the Northeast neighborhood greenways on this 8-mile loop. While sweeping by on your wheels or heels, make sure to enjoy the walking/biking boulevard of Ainsworth along with the neighborhood greenways of Going street, Holman street and Alberta Court. It's the final event of the season, you won't want to miss it!

September 22 - Notheast Portland (Route = 7.6 miles)

Parks on the Route

Alberta Park 

Woodlawn Park 

Fernhill Park 

Khunamokwst Park 

Activities Available

Live Music 

Original Practice Shakespeare Festival (Ops Fest)

Sparkle Movement & DJ Doc Rock 

Several Marketplaces

Circus Cascadia


Special Events

Ainsworth Street will open up so that half is a rolling paradise and the other half a Walking Boulevard 

Oregon Walks will lead a series of walking programming across the day 

Andando en Bicicletas y Caminando (ABC) will hold its annual Bi-lingual Bike Fair