Cruze in the Morning


NO HOOKUPS please!! 100% Italian originally from NYC! Brooklyn, to be exact. Fit, professional, all-natural lifestyle, LOVE to cook and mix a great martini ;) Grown up apartment (sorry, no sports crap on my walls lol) Addict: European two-seater sports cars. If you have a sophisticated vocabulary,... Read More


Q: How would you describe yourself? A: I'm a sauce guy! The more sauce the better. Extra sauce is a must no matter what. Chicken wings, pasta, BBQ, I gotta have the sauce! Q: What’s your favorite item in your house? A: I have this old school Hamilton Beach milkshake maker that I got from my grandma... Read More
Sheryl Stewart

Sheryl Stewart

Sheryl Stewart's sunny SoCal roots blast straight through the Oregon rain every weekday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Sheryl's favorite part of her job is introducing new artists, talking about the latest gossip/news and going to concerts. –So all of it! Read More