26-Year-Old Coronavirus Patient Reveals She ‘Couldn’t Speak, Walk or Eat’

A 26-year-old woman thought she could ride out COVID-19 at home upon first experiencing symptoms, but wound up being hospitalized after she had trouble speaking and walking.
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See How Your Favorite Celebrities Are Staying Busy During Coronavirus Social Distancing

As authorities urge people to self-isolate and practice social distancing to help “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus pandemic, celebrities are doing their best to stay busy and entertained. See what they’ve been up to.
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'Coronavirus Daily': New York City, Scammers, and Traveling

“Coronavirus Daily” dives into the latest in coronavirus news. Today’s topics include the sharp spike in cases in New York, unpaid workers, scammers, and traveling.
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Good as Hell: Opera hits the streets

That was in fact opera you just heard! A group in Memphis is hitching a trailer and driving through neighborhoods, parking and then performing opera for people in isolation. It's a mobile opera house and we can't help but smile imagining this scene.
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Virtual dating in the age of COVID-19

Are you still using dating apps during the COVID-19 crisis? There must be people out there using Tinder and Grinder to get busy (virtually) during these trying times! Mike says he's swiping right a lot more so that someone will talk with him. We got a caller who says she's talking to many people,...
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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Release Pushed Back Until August

“Wonder Woman 1984” is the latest film to have their release date postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Warner Bros. announced they are delaying the release, which was initially set for June 5th, by ten weeks.
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Wife of Man Who Passed Away After Self-Medicating for Coronavirus Speaks Out

A man from Arizona has died from ingesting chloroquine phosphate to prevent himself from getting the coronavirus. The man’s wife also took the substance and is now under critical care.
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Man Tries Dating by Drone While Social Distancing During Coronavirus Outbreak

Like many of us, Jeremy Cohen, an NYC based photographer, has been social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, so he used his trusty drone to make his move on a girl.
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Fender Offering Free Guitar Lessons During Coronavirus Crisis

Looking for something to fill your time while you’re practicing social distancing? Why don’t you learn to play guitar, for free. Fender is offering free lessons to the first 100 thousand people who register now.
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Retired NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares Coronavirus Isolation Tips

If you’re struggling with the self-quarantine and isolation guidelines imposed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a retired NASA astronaut has a few pointers that might help you out.
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