PHOTOS: Real Estate Listing Shows Unusual and Dangerous Bed Placement

Some real estate listings have features that make you raise an eyebrow, but what would you do about a bed that was placed so precariously that you could seriously injure yourself if you rolled over?
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This Home for Sale Comes With an 'Operational' 9-Cell Prison

A home in Missouri for sale comes with an ‘operational’ 9-cell prison. This historic Missouri home built in 1875 is either a worst nightmare or dream vacation spot.
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What's the worst part of cleaning your house?

COVID-19 has given many people an enormous amount of free time at their homes. This time could be used for a little spring cleaning, but Liz points out the act of cleaning just SUCKS. A listener agreed and shared her struggles cleaning her ceiling fan blades. Apparently Mike hasn't done this in...
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'Beverly Hillbillies' Mansion Sells for a Record-Breaking $150 Million

The “Beverly Hillbillies” are moving on up! The mansion from the opening credits of the iconic ‘60s television series has been sold for roughly $150 million, according to the LA Times. Some know it as 'The Beverly Hillbillies' mansion, others Chartwell. Now, this California chart-topper is selling...
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