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Most Overrated Disney Flicks

Who doesn't have a favorite Disney movie? I'm sure we can all name a few... But what about the flicks that just didn't click? We asked listeners to tell us what they think are the most overrated Disney movies. One caller threw some serious shade at the 'Frozen' franchise. Liz tends to agree! Don't...
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Liz and Mike in the morning

Keep your mind right! Positive self talk is key!

Michael Dettner is a psychologist who gives us simple tips, and advice as to fend off the quarantine boredom!!
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Good as Hell: Hotels for Healthcare

Some hotels in New York City and London are really stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Many places are opening up their doors for hospital workers near the area. This cuts down on the commute for these health care heroes. It also keeps them off public transit, which could further...
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Good as Hell: Street Marriage

Some people were supposed to get married right about now. COVID-19 has changed their plans... The audio you just heard is two people that got married in the street on the sidewalk. Their best friend officiated the ceremony from a 4th floor window. Awesome way to still share a special day.
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Good as Hell: Opera hits the streets

That was in fact opera you just heard! A group in Memphis is hitching a trailer and driving through neighborhoods, parking and then performing opera for people in isolation. It's a mobile opera house and we can't help but smile imagining this scene.
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Virtual dating in the age of COVID-19

Are you still using dating apps during the COVID-19 crisis? There must be people out there using Tinder and Grinder to get busy (virtually) during these trying times! Mike says he's swiping right a lot more so that someone will talk with him. We got a caller who says she's talking to many people,...
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Anyone practicing Spousal Distancing?

Are you social distancing from your significant other? Liz felt the judgment come down while she and Boo Bear were at the grocery store, this weekend. Her husband decided to get fresh and grab some behind in public. People were looking with judgment not because of the booty touch, but the lack of...
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Who's Hiring Right Now?

The coronavrius has caused massive layoffs in Portland's service industy. But, there are plenty of companies looking to hire! An employee from Morrison Child & Family Services says they're looking for counselors who can interact with and help kids in need.
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Good as Hell: FGL paying it forward

What you just heard is Florida Georgia Line talking about how they're going to pay their employees through the entire coronavirus crisis. It's not just their crew, the group owns many restaurants and bars where we're sure workers will be thankful for the generosity.
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Liz and Mike, Portland, Naked Bike Ride

Portland's Naked Bike Ride; Gross!!!

Portland's Naked Bike Ride is a time honored tradition that truly keeps Portland Weird. But if you ask me, that's just an equation for some bad chaffing and bad smells! I can't even get on the eliptical at the gym without doubling up on sports bras, so i feel the pain of body movement!
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